TV Series, 12 Episodes
Oct 7, 2018 - Dec 23, 2018


You're not alone. Whenever, forever.

Yuuta Hibiki is a first-year student in high school living in Tsutsujidai. One day, he wakes up without his memories. Yuuta later meets Hyper Agent GRIDMAN who is inside an old computer. GRIDMAN tells him to fulfill his purpose. Yuuta's quest to understand the meaning behind those words and to find his memories begins. While all of this is sudden, Yuuta has helpful assistance from his classmates, Shou Utsumi, Rikka Takarada, and Akane Shinjou, but...

Those peaceful days are destroyed mercilessly by a monster that suddenly appears.

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SSSS.Gridman Episodes List

SSSS.Gridman Episode 12
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22 Dec 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 11
Watch English Subbed
15 Dec 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 10
Watch English Subbed
8 Dec 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 9
Watch English Subbed
1 Dec 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 8
Watch English Subbed
24 Nov 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 7
Watch English Subbed
17 Nov 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 6
Watch English Subbed
10 Nov 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 5
Watch English Subbed
3 Nov 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 4
Watch English Subbed
27 Oct 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 3
Watch English Subbed
20 Oct 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 2
Watch English Subbed
13 Oct 2018
SSSS.Gridman Episode 1
Watch English Subbed
6 Oct 2018
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